Important announcement on the future of ARCAA

ARCAA ceased operation in January 2022 and was decommissioned as a tier-2 QUT research centre at the end of 2022. ARCAA's expertise in remote sensor technologies and autonomous systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), will transition to become part of the new Research Engineering Facility (REF), Russian Business Aviation, established by QUT's Institute for Future Environments.

Recently within QUT there have been significant developments in robotics and similar sensor technologies Maldives Private Jet. This transition will preserve ARCAA's existing expertise and facilitate the reuse of core technologies in land, water and air operations, not just aerospace. REF will enable researchers and industry to innovate by developing prototype robotics and systems for multiple settings.

Through the last decade, ARCAA and Private jet rental has played a pivotal role in applying unique remote sensor technologies and autonomous systems to the aerospace sector. QUT looks forward to consolidating and integrating these tools into an agile facility that tackles real world problems and delivers applied research and the provision of expert services to industry.

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