Stream 1: Sensing and Platform Automation for Miconia Application


Project ResQu

Project ResQu

The biosecurity application stream focused on the development of an unmanned aircraft system for performing Miconia weed surveys, creating the autonomous systems to enable safe low-altitude flight in difficult terrain, a sensing system to capture data suitable for manual off-line detection of weeds such as Miconia, and tools for generating survey flight plans and off-line analysis. These were demonstrated in flight tests.

Watch the CSIRO SMR-1 in ‘Robots to ResQu our Rainforest’.

CSIRO SMR-1 Platform Specifications

SMR-1 Platform

The CSIRO SMR-1 above is a research platform used to monitor vegetation and inspect infrastructure.

Platform: CSIRO SMR-1
Launch Method: VTOL
SMR-1 Platform Applications: Research platform, vegetation monitoring and infrastructure inspection
Power Plant: 23cc 2-stroke gasoline engine
Maximum Flight Endurance with Payload: One hour with 0.95 kg payload
Maximum Range with the same Payload: 5km, limited by telemetry range
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 12.4 kg
Ceiling: 1200m