Research Applications

ARCAA’s research into manned and unmanned systems technology was successfully applied to industry sectors resulting in commercial and community benefits.

Precision Agriculture and Biosecurity

Technology based solutions helped improve crop yield and resource management techniques.

ARCAA Agricultural Applications

Infrared Crop Field

  • Invasive species identification
  • Pest detection
  • Crop monitoring and analysis

Industry Benefits
  • Improved crop yield
  • Informed decision making
  • Efficient resource management

Emergency Services

ARCAA provided real-time aerial data to enhance emergency response and improve safety for first-responders.

Bushfire Surveillance

Bushfire Surveillance

  • Bushfire detection and monitoring
  • Surveillance of flooded areas
  • Marine and land search operations

Industry Benefits
  • Real-time data to make informed decisions
  • Improved safety for first responders and civilians
  • Analysis of property damage

Ecological Survey

Novel automated detection and identification software helped monitor and protect flora and fauna.

Infrared Koala Survey

Infrared Koala Survey

  • Flora and fauna species identification
  • Monitoring of species, health, habits and migratory patterns
  • Provision of population census data

Industry Benefits
  • Non-invasive monitoring tool
  • Provision of real-time data
  • Faster and more accurate data collection

Infrastructure Surveillance

ARCCA helped improve the maintenance procedures of power line networks through autonomous airborne surveillance and data collection.

Autonomous Powerline Inspection

Autonomous Powerline Inspection

  • Condition monitoring of assets
  • Airborne vegetation management system
  • High resolution spatial information

Industry Benefits
  • Process efficiencies resulting in cost savings
  • Improved maintenance of assets
  • Value added spatial awareness